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Sustainability in the office

The UK generated 4.7 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste in 2017. While 79%, 3.75 million tonnes, of this was recovered, that still leaves nearly one million tonnes currently going to landfill each year.

By using recycled and recyclable paper products, businesses can help to reduce this waste.

These choices can also reduce our carbon footprint because paper recycling emits over 70% less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than virgin paper production.*

From paper and filing to packaging and mailing, every recycled or recyclable choice is another step to reducing greenhouse gases and supporting the conservation of forests in the UK and around the world.

Creating a more sustainable office is also about getting the basics right and having a recycling programme is the first step.

With the right recycling

bins in place any business can recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, printer cartridges and batteries.

Other steps to take include switching to LED light bulbs, reducing water usage by installing automatic or sensor taps and switching off office equipment at the end of every day.

When it comes to recognising ecofriendly products there are a wide range of symbols that can help.


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