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Home of the 5 Year Warranty

Our Suppliers have always been at the forefront of high quality Toner Cartridges particularly Colour Toner Cartridges, and now we're introducing an industry first with a 5 year warranty. Showing the confidence we have in our Toner Cartridges throughout our range we're more than doubling the length of our warranty. Unfortunately there are too many poor quality and patent infringing products on the market, giving aftermarket print cartridges a poor reputation. Counteracting this we are stepping up our commitment to high quality and patent free Toner Cartridges by introducing the longest warranty. This warranty now applies from the 1st January 2020. Our customers can now distance themselves from inferior Toner Cartridges by providing the end user with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Why 5 Years?

Why not a lifetime warranty you may ask? Simply there is no demand for a lifetime warranty, cartridges are used within 6 months to 3.5 years from our research, so 5 years makes sense in this context. Typical warranties are 1 - 2 years, we wanted to provide a substantial and comprehensive warranty that reflects the higher quality & patent free Toner Cartridge product we supply.

New Packaging

To reflect our new 5 year warranty and differentiate the our products we've evolved our Toner Cartridge packaging. We're still remaining with a white box but with an emphasis on quality. Due in February, more pictures next month. But here's a sneak peek of the new Toner Cartridge Box packaging!

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